Floor Jansen & Jorn Viggo Lofstad's
hard rock project

Northward Album Cover

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1. While Love Died (Music Video) (lyrics)
2. Get What You Give (Lyric Video) (lyrics)
3. Storm In A Glass (lyrics)
4. Drifting Islands (feat. Irene Jansen) (lyrics)
5. Paragon (lyrics)
6. Let Me Out (lyrics)
7. Big Boy (lyrics)
8. Timebomb (lyrics)
9. Bridle Passion (lyrics)
10. I Need (lyrics)
11. Northwards (lyrics)

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9. Bridle Passion

Our desire plays a tempting game
And while reason loses playground we slide
Into all those feeling that we hide
And the sweetest domination chains us

Bridle passion
Restrain your love
Restrain your heart

Do you run from whom you are?
In a need to lose yourself in someone
That's a luscious lie we tell ourselves
'Cause our sugary addiction charms us

Bridle passion
Restrain your love
Stay close to who you are

Play with the sin without failing

Master the will, don't free it
Play with the chains that withholds you
Let it all in when you can embrace it
But stay close to whom you truly are



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