Floor Jansen & Jorn Viggo Lofstad's
hard rock project

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Debut single
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Jorn Viggo Lofstad - Northward

Jorn Viggo Lofstad

Pagan's Mind guitarist, ex-Beautiful Sin,

Floor Jansen - Northward

Floor Jansen

Nightwish singer, ex-ReVamp, ex-After Forever

Morty Black (Morten Skaget)

Morty Black

Bass Guitars

Morten is the original bass player of legendary Norwegian band TNT and also played together with Jorn Viggo Lofstad in JORN!

Jango Nilsen

Jango Nilsen


Jango has played drums on the songs Drifting Islands, Paragon, Big Boy, I need, Northwards and Storm In A Glass.

Stian Kristoffersen (PAGAN'S MIND)

Stian Kristoffersen


Stian is known for playing together with Jorn Viggo in PAGAN'S MIND.
He has also played with FIREWIND, JORN & CHASTAIN.
Stian played on the songs While Love Died, Timebomb, Let Me Out & Get What You Give.

Irene Jansen

Irene Jansen

Guest Vocals

You will hear a guest appearance by Floor's sister Irene Jansen, singing a duet on the song 'Drifting Islands'.

Ronny Tegner (PAGAN'S MIND)

Ronny Tegner


Ronny plays together with Jorn Viggo in PAGAN'S MIND.
You can hear him play on the song Timebomb



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